In 2015, Sarah ‘Staud’ Staudinger and George Augusto co-founded the LA-based lifestyle brand STAUD upon the idea that fashion shouldn’t just empower women — it should be accessible, too. At the heart of STAUD is design. Crafted at the intersection of timeless classics and perfected novelty, STAUD offers a collection to the modern woman who appreciates both.
With an emphasis on originality and joy through the lens of elevated discovery, each season is a detailed narrative speaking to our wardrobe aspirations. If fashion is a never-ending pursuit of style, then STAUD is what happens after you’ve found it.
Sea Skirt Skirts & Dresses STAUD
Long Luisa Short Shorts STAUD
Knack Pant Pants STAUD
Rocki Sweater Sweaters & Knits STAUD
Long Luisa Short Shorts STAUD
Capsule Top Tops STAUD
Smocked Kai Top Tops STAUD
Brett Vest Jackets & Coats STAUD
Dana Dress Skirts & Dresses STAUD
Nola Sweater Sweaters & Knits STAUD
Dill Top Tops STAUD
Mini Wells Dress Skirts & Dresses STAUD
Joan Maxi Dress Skirts & Dresses STAUD
Wells Dress Skirts & Dresses STAUD
City Blazer Jackets & Coats STAUD
Edna Dress Skirts & Dresses STAUD
Hampton Sweater Sweaters & Knits STAUD
Luisa Pant Pants STAUD
Cargo Sweater Sweaters & Knits STAUD
Una Top Tops STAUD