Rachel Comey

Originally from Hartford, Connecticut, Comey graduated from the University of Vermont as an art major with a focus on sculpture. For many years she denied her interest in fashion, instead opting to collaborate with friends on a variety of creative projects in art, costume and set design. Comey moved to New York in 1998 to further pursue opportunities in the arts. Her collaboration with the band Gogol Bordello, for whom she designed stage sets and costumes, garnered her a place in the 2001 Whitney Biennial.

In September of 2001, Comey launched her first collection: menswear inspired by the young music scene in New York. Thanks to strong word of mouth, the collection proved a success, and she began to develop a loyal following.

The natural next step for Comey was to add womenswear to her burgeoning business. The women’s collection quickly took off and developed itsown grassroots following. Her collections became known for their artful custom prints, graceful modern silhouettes, hand craftsmanship, and carefully chosen materials.

The continued success of Comey’s brand is largely due to word of mouth, and by appealing to the intelligence and independence of her customers, who appreciate the thoughtful details and off beat charm manifested in her designs.

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