Pink Floyd Live 1977 Merch Long Sleeve Tee

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Item No: 280614
Size S

Daydreamer Pink Floyd Live 1977 Merch Long Sleeve Tee in Mango. The pioneers in a live music experience known for their larger than life light and visual effects set the standard for rock combining sound quality with quadraphonic speaker systems. On July 1-4, 1977 Pink Floyd dropped legacy lasting performances at New York’s Madison Square Garden for their ‘Animals’ album. Slapped poster style on this merch long sleeve are psychedelic inspired block letters and a stamp of Pink Floyd’s inflatable pig, Algie. Accented in pink and green puff ink.

Roomy fit, with an open neck and ladder stitch hems
Model is 5'6" | 33” bust | 27” waist | 36” hips
Wearing a size S

Soft 100% cotton, with a perfect hand feel and worn in look
Colour separate, hand wash with cold water or dry clean
Made in Los Angeles