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Coclico founder Sandra Canselier descends from a long line of French shoemakers; her father, grandfather and great-grandfather all made shoes in the province of Pays de la Loire. It is the region’s local wildflower coquelicot that lends its name to the company. Now a firmly entrenched New Yorker, Sandra continues making shoes in the French tradition.

Clean lines and a neutral palette are the cornerstones of each Coclico collection. Subtle beauty in architectural silhouettes are carved from wood, cork and leather. Coclico eschews ornamentation and excess, invoking instead a classic, timeless expression wherein beauty is only enhanced by wear.

Slow production is not just one of Coclico’s fundamental values, but a guiding principle that affects how the brand approaches their work and lives each and every day. Coclico’s materials are sourced locally in Europe, near their small, family-run factory in Spain. Coclico are the only shoes made in this family owned and operated factory, where Sandra is on a first-name basis with the craftspeople who make each pair by hand.

The result is a union of modern minimalism and traditional quality.

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